anxious kid

Anxious Attachment Triggers

Anxious individuals are generally afraid of rejection or abandonment. In order to avoid that scenario, they put others’ needs above their own. They require others’ attention and validation to feel safe, secure, and worthwhile.

Here are some common triggers for anxiously attached individuals.

  1. A partner does not text or call back.
  2. Not being warmly welcome when attending a party.
  3. Feeling that something was not done correctly and therefore, others will abandon you.
  4. People don’t smile when they make eye contact with you.
  5. A partner does not compliment or express appreciation after you have done something for them.
  6. Your friend declines your invitation to lunch.
  7. A partner is having a good time talking to someone else.
  8. Your best friend travels with another friend but not you.
  9. When a partner needs some space and wants to do things on their own.
  10. People leave as soon as you arrive.

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